Timed Western-Style Cowboy Shoot.


Held on the first Sunday of every month, this event has been called the triathlon of the shooting sports. The competitor must be competent with three-different types of firearm: Revolvers pre 1900, Side by side (double-barrel) shotgun and Lever-action rifle.

In turn the shooter will load at the loading table where firearms can be loaded under supervision and once the range officer calls the shooter can move into position. The targets are of different shapes and sizes and are positioned at various distances. The shooter shoots the identified targets in a sequence determined by the scenario, a time is recorded and misses counted (by spotters) which determine the shooters score.

The SSAA Western Action Australia uses the single action shooting society rules (SASS). A Copy of the SASS rules can be obtained from

Participants range across all age groups; from experienced junior shooters to the 80 year young retirees. We welcome spectators, competent shooters and those willing to give something new a try. New shooters wanting to participate should be confident handling the above firearms, or attend with someone who may assist and support them.

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