Modern, Musket & Buffalo Shooting.


Held on the 5th Sunday of the month, the event is open to Rimfire .22 caliber hunting rifles and centrefire i.e .308 bolt action hunting rifles. The shooter will take aim at paper targets and occasion metal silhouette at predetermined distances and is scored on accuracy. This event is great for improving accuracy, tweaking the scope or ammunition loads and having a great time.


Rifle and musket events are held for muzzle-loading rifles and muskets with firelock (flintlocks and matchlocks) and percussion ignition systems. These may be rifled or smoothbore, shooting either projectiles or patched round ball. Firearms of different types generally compete against similar types, at distances of 25 to 100 yards. Long range events are held on the Hill End range, at distances up to 700 yards.

We also shoot scale-model cannon at paper targets. Events are also held for breech-loading firearms using cartridges originally designed for black-powder.


The new game is called black powder cartridge rifle (BPCR) silhouette, and is intended for any pre-1896 single shot rifle, original or replica, chambered for a black powder cartridge. By these rules, acceptable types of rifles can be, but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Ballard
  • Bullard
  • Maynard
  • Remington Hepburn
  • Remington Rolling Block
  • Sharps
  • Springfield Trapdoor
  • Stevens No.44
  • Whitney Rolling Block
  • Winchester Model 1885

Additionally, Modern-made replicas of any of those rifles regardless of country of manufacture are permitted.

The course of fire may be similar to 10 chickens at 200 meters, 10 pigs at 300 meters or 10 turkeys and 10 rams up to 300 meters. However, unlike centerfire silhouette, for each bank of five targets the competitors are allowed five minutes to get off their five shots. This time limit allows the shooter to blow out the chamber and barrel between shots, keeping the black powder residue moist and soft, a practice often favored by black powder cartridge shooters for easy loading and cleaning.

In this event only 200-metre must be fired offhand. All other targets can be shot freestyle, mainly from a cross-stick rest. To keep matters fair all shooters must use sticks that conform to certain specifications

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