Sydney Colonial Muzzle Loading Club conducts Training Days for both Rifle and Pistol.
These Training Days will be held every 2nd Saturday of the Month, and Trainers are on Site to assist with your training needs.  Training dates are on the Club Calendar, and are between the times of 9.00am and 4.00pm.  Please note if you have not emailed the trainers by 8pm the previous Thursday at you will be turned away from training.  All people undergoing training must be supervised by a trainer this is why it is mandatory that we know you are attending

During these training days Safe Handling Courses will be conducted for both Handgun and Long-arms.

These training days will also be used for training of Minors and their scores will be recorded.


To obtain a Category H, Pistol Licence, you must successfully complete a Safe Handling course prior to application for the Probationary Pistol License, and then successfully complete a Probationary Pistol Licence Course with the first 6 months from date of issue of your Probationary Pistol License.

Please note you are required to be a financial member of a Pistol Club to be able to apply for a Category H Firearms License.

A requirement for safe completion of a Category H license at Sydney Colonial Muzzle Loading Club,  is that the trainee is required to complete safety training and demonstrate safety techniques using different types of firearms  These include Semi-Automatic (with magazine), Revolver, in 0.22 up to 0.357 and either Percussion Cap or Flint Lock firearms.

The Process is broken down to several stages. These stages are set out below.

Stage 1:

Email the Trainers to schedule your Safe Handling Course at    (if you do not email the trainers by 8pm the previous Thursday you will be turned away)

Complete a P650 this will allow you to handle a firearm whilst undertaking the Safe handling Course

You will also be required to provide photographic evidence of your identity.

Attend the Safe Handling Course on the Training Day. During this training you will be instructed in the safe handling of semiautomatic and revolver style handguns. After you have demonstrated the safe handling techniques you will then attend the Live Range where you will demonstrate the loading, Live Fire, and unloading of these handguns.

On successful completion you will be presented with a:


Cost of Training for Stage 1: $30.00, to be paid on the day of Training.

Stage 2:

Go to the Firearms Registry Website and complete the On Line License Application

You must Log in to Service NSW to Apply On L:ine

Service NSW

During this process you will be required to upload (Attach) your Pistol Safe Handling Course Completion Certificate and proof of Club Membership. Proof of Club Membership can be either your membership Card or Letter from the Club providing Membership details.

Stage 3:

Once your License application has progressed you will receive a Phot Advice to attend the Roads and Maritime (Service NSW) Centre to obtain your Probationary Pistol License.

It is important that the Date of Issue is provided to the Trainers at the club to ensure your training is completed in the first 6 months.

Stage 4:

This stage will run for the duration of your Probationary Pistol Training. You will be required to complete 3 individual training sessions, on scheduled training days,  within the first 6 months of holding your Probationary Pistol License. Once this has been completed, you will be presented with a Probationary Pistol License Certificate. You must send this into the Firearms Registry and maintain a copy for yourself.

Please be aware if you do not comply with this training the trainers are required to submit a Fail to Complete Certificate.

Please note the requirements from Firearms Registry for the above training

Firearms Act 1996 No 46
Division 2 Licensing scheme
16A   Probationary pistol licences
(2)  A probationary pistol licence is subject to the following conditions:
(a)  for the first 6 months of the term of the licence, the licensee must not possess or use a pistol except:
(i)  while on the premises of a pistol shooting club and under the supervision of a person who is the holder of a category H (sport/target shooting) licence that is not a probationary pistol licence, and
(ii)  in connection with the requirement referred to in paragraph (b),
(b)  the licensee must, by the end of that 6-month period, have completed to the satisfaction of the Commissioner a firearm training and safety training course conducted by the pistol shooting club of which the licensee is a member.

The cost of each training session is $35.00 to be paid on the day of training.

Again please note to book your course email the trainers on:

For all Training Event Schedules please see Event Calendar

Event Calendar


Rifle Safe Handling is a 4 Hours course consisting of the following stages
1. Written Examination
2. Practical Exercises demonstrating safe handling techniques
3. Practical Exercises demonstrating safe shooting techniques
The practical Exercises will be using both Black Powder and Smokeless Firearms

To enable you to successfully pass your written exam please see the below link for the firearms information guide.

Firearms Information Guide

Rifle Safe Handling Course Fees are :

Members / Juniors: $90.00

Non Members: $110.00

To book your Pistol or Rifle Safe Handling Course email the trainers on

Please ensure you email the trainers by 9pm the Thursday preceding the training day, to ensure your position in the training session as well as ensuring we have sufficient trainers on the day.

Once you have completed the training you can make application for your license by logging into Service NSW

Service NSW

Ensure you complete the application and upload (Attach) documentation required. Most shooters applying for a Rifle License apply for a Category A,B this allows you to own and use Centrefire and Rimfire Rifles.

Attendance Requirements

Please note that there are mandatory attendance requirement set out by NSW Police Firearms Registry relating to Firearms Licenses.  This document can be located:

Participation Requirements for Club Members