Become a Member

Completion of P650 forms - Unlicensed persons shooting on an approved range under supervision

To become a member of the Sydney Colonial Muzzle Loading Club you will need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Contact the Club President on the Contact Us page of this website

  2. Organize with the Club President to attend a scheduled shoot day at Sydney Colonial Muzzle Loading Club to participate in the event you wish to be involved in.

  3. Complete the attached first 3 pages of the Application form for membership and take it with you or obtain one on the scheduled shoot day.   Please ensure you print the first 3 pages of the application.  Complete the application and have a member nominate you for membership.  If you do not personally know and members this section is to be left blank.  Submit the 3 Page application to the Discipline Captain for consideration and approval.        

  4. Once your membership has been approved and you become a financial member, you can commence your safe handling courses.

  5. Contact the Firearms Registry to make application for the type of shooting you wish to do.

  • Category A,B for Common Rifle/Shotgun Events

  • Category H for Pistol Events

  1. Safe Handling courses are available from the Sydney Colonial Muzzle Loading Club at reduced cost for members.

A P650 is required to be completed on the first occasion by the unlicensed individual seeking to participate in activities in accordance with section 6B(1)(a) of the Firearms Act 1996.

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